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Oct 14, 2012 7:00pm EDT
would expect democrats to move and in the deficit direction the business leaders wanted to move. i remember talking with our other after that session and at that time he was president of the stock exchange. think of a game changers and sports and a tennis match where you have the evenly pitted players and then in the fifth set there is a service break and someone wins and you begin to sense that the match is going the wrong way or football game or i never sports event the game changers have been and after that it is never quite the same. that's what he said to me. business found out they could get what they wanted. we tasted power and we are not going to let go after this. this was a change, this power shift. it dramatically affected the middle class and the american dream and the ability to achieve its goals in the dream and free think of that i'm talking about good steady jobs, rising incomes, the ability to buy your own home, health benefits and retirement cui secure retirement and the hope and believe that your children will live a better life and have better opportunities than
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am EDT
trade deficit it's about 67% has come from productivity gains. i think of it a bit as agriculture. food was 25% of gdp. it fell to 10. that power and the productivity gains in manufacturing today powered the growth in the service economy. >> host: just to stay manufactured for second. the 1 dollar versus $19 i'm not sure it is, that is one type of manufacturing, and in many areas u.s. workers are much more productive so i think the reason we so they're pretty robust, albeit declining manufacturing sector is there are a lot of areas where u.s. workers are way more productive. so the difference in pay is offset by the productivity. >> guest: we produce more and more goods and more and more value added. >> host: the other thing you mentioned earlier was he you mentioned intel. one of the reasons why i think that we have been successful in the high-tech sectors and the internet is, in fact, we have both manufacturing and software and sort of the server-side of the industry here, so that even apple which we think of as make everything in china but a lot of the high end chip manufacturi
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am EDT
believed largely in a balanced budget and he was against deficit spending but he also believed the government had a positive role to play. the interstate highway system, which eisenhower -- which was eisenhower's brainchild. [applause] more money was spent on the intraday -- interstate highway system than the new deal from 1839 to 18 to 41 with zero impact on the budget because it was paid for through gasoline taxes. [applause] thethe st. lawrence seaway connecting the great lakes, opening the great lakes to traffic again had been on the drawing board since the administration of theodore roosevelt and eisenhower -- eisenhower took, assumed the presidency in a time of mccarthyism and incredible communist witchhunt. he did it as he did so many things in the background. it was eisenhower orchestrated the army's response in the army mccarthy hearings. i'm not going to get into a contest but that stunk. and when it was over mccarthy had him vanquished but i think it was the desegregation issue perhaps in which eisenhower most often underestimated. president truman had ordered the army t
Oct 14, 2012 3:00pm EDT
from the sugar sub days we louse the republicans with the suing -- sugar sub di. our annual deficit under a trillion so if you want to cut -- that's 147,000 cuts and we can't do it at once. that discourages me and part of the problem in washington, we can't cut pennies, much less the billions that have to be cut. >> you have a new book. >> called government bullies and we look at different ways people are being imprisoned in america for regulatory crime. we're not talking about murder, rape, stealing. we're talking about people who put dirt on their own property. these are wetland violations. some of these came out of the first george bush, unfortunately, and we think that you shouldn't be putting people in jail for regulatory crime. in the old days, when you put people in jail there was a difference between criminal law and tort law in criminal law you were supposed to have what was called mens rea or intent. you intended to kill somebody. if you accidentally hit someone on your bicycle, that wasn't murder. there's a man in jail from southern mississippi for ten years, without paro
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4